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slow viewing locomotion full of urban love/cycling/people/thoughts.

Public space is thus nothing but physical space allocated to the political activity of urban citizens. Therefore free access to public space is considered one of the main determinants of democracy. Krzysztof Nawratek - City as a Political Idea (via socio-logic)

(Source: sociology-of-space, via urbnist)

DEAD KOOKS VS ATTAQUER from Kaius Potter on Vimeo.


Dead Kooks vs Attaquer limited release summer kit available now via the store tab at the top of the page. Made in Italy to Attaquer standards this is as good as it gets.  Video By Kaius Potter feat. Saxon Irvine and Tom Lancashire.

Get around it!


Bike Gallery Training camp in Mansfield. Best 5 days I’m likely to have on a velo in some time to come. 

Friday flashback